Outdoor Style Inc.


  • • General Contracting work has a five year Warranty covering any and all service related issues

  • • Services which are not covered by Warranty will be outlined in detail within both the preceeding quote and client contract

  • • Wood warping, twisting, shrinking are not covered by Warranty

  • • Plants / trees / shrubs have no guarantee through Outdoor Style Inc.

  • • By signing a contract the client agrees any work provided by Outdoor Style Inc. may be used on www.outdoorstyle.ca

  • • 1/3 of project total project price (excluding HST) will be taken for any job before a book date is provided

  • • By signing customer is agreeing that the contract is accurate, minor changes can be verbal at contractors discretion

  • • Fence contracts are approx. and total price will be calculated with measurement when finished

  • • Outdoor Style Inc. is not responsible for any damage to gas lines, telephone lines, fibreoptic cable or driveways

  • • NSF checks will be subject to a $75 charge

  • • Deposits are non-refundable unless work is not started within 15 business days of scheduled start date

  • • All materials are property of Outdoor Style Inc. until project is paid in full